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Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

Ok, so I'm a day late...what else is new?  Going to try to update more regularly, though I don't know exactly what that means since I've been hit or miss with just about everything.

One of my favorite sites is having a "fabric stash reduction" contest that started yesterday - I haven't cut a single thing yet because I'm still trying to get things back to normal after the family Christmas Vacation (Disney, first time for 3 of the 4 of us).  My modest goal is 25 yards of stashed fabric turned into useful items.  I'm hoping to make some burp cloths for Soldiers Angels - Operation TopKnot as well as some fleece chemo caps for my friend to take when her little one has to have his treatment(s) - not exactly for him, but for some of the other children that are in there long-term.  That should deplete my fleece and flannel stashes, which will make my room look bigger and empty....but I also need to work on sewing down some of the continually growing apparel projects (for me, the growing children, the husband, gifts....).  I will also be attempting to make some decent jeans this month (another contest, but it doesn't start until 1/15 and the fabric isn't even here yet, so it can't be counted as stash).

I am working on new items for my business and playing around with ideas for other items but haven't gotten the fine details for those yet.  Pricing is difficult because of the cost of the items I am finding and the equation to find what I should charge.  While I know I need to make a little money off my products, pricing them so that I can makes it seem a bit expensive, given the economy.  However, I have figured out how to make "basic" versions as well as "deluxe" versions, so that will give more options and different prices....details to come later on.

Anyway, this is just a rambling way of saying I have plans!  But we ALL know about what happens with plans...right??

May you have a wonderful and productive year!

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