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Monday, January 23, 2012

dress is done...on to next project....

SO....last night, well maybe it was afternoon when I was whenever the Ravens still had a slim chance to pull off a

ANYWAY....I started cutting out New Look 6935 while the game was on.  Got most of it done before bedtime and finished it today.  The zipper nearly made me throw in the towel, but mainly because I couldn't get it pinned in place for some reason.

Here is the final product:

and a close up of the fabric (it's blue, turquoise, and purple, with gold accents....didn't come through as nicely as I had hoped):

And finally, the picture of the 15 double-layer fleece scarves I did yesterday morning (and yet, I am *still* tripping over a pile of fleece....curious to know just how much I actually had piled on my floor...hmmm...):

SO...that was yesterday and the dress was finished this morning.  Time for lunch, then I will pick out what the next project will be....maybe something for me, maybe something for my daughter (yes, there are numerous projects stashed away for her as

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  1. Holy cow, you have been really busy bravo!!! Your dress is really pretty, hope you get lots of use out of it!