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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Trials of working with linen

Ok...first off, no pictures.  Second, this is a short post.

I'm working on my lovely little dress and of course, there's gathering to be done on the bodice.  WELL...linen does NOT like to gather nicely, no matter how it's been treated prior to cutting.

I foresee that this is going to take me right up to the start of the jeans contest, and I may have to rotate projects to get both the dress and my jeans finished by the end of the month {sigh}.  I'm hoping that tomorrow I will be able to focus on the dress for most of the day as hubby will be at his eye doc in the morning and his nephrologist in the afternoon, with the time in between being spent on building a game table that we purchased and have kept hidden (it was supposed to be a Christmas present, but we completely forgot about it in the aftermath of our family vacation).

I will try to get pictures throughout the construction process, but I can't guarantee anything as there are a lot of ideas floating around in my head right now....later all

1 comment:

  1. I have the pictures of the trim of you want to email me.

    As to the dress, girl do I understand. It is still gorgeous fabric and I hope it turns out well for you.