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Friday, December 31, 2010

The ultimate in meal planning

I had to share what I just discovered tonight. I did meal planning yesterday and got to Jan. 22nd...but I wanted I did some grocery shopping for things that we use and that were on sale and/or that I had a coupon for.

Here's what I wrote on another site:

So, I sat back down to go through the food once again (I think last time I had planned through the 24th or 25th of December). Well....I think I might have actually gotten through January....not quite sure how it happened.....this will be SO awesome if it's true.....just need to verify meals with inventory to make sure I didn't schedule something that we didn't have supplies for (had help, and not sure they crossed off things as I mentioned attention
So, once I figure this all out, you'll probably see a HUGE happy dance SweetPea on here.
Hubby decided we needed to go to Disney to celebrate his finishing his BA degree, we need to replace a sleeper sofa, I have to pay the $100 fee for him to receive his diploma....those are the major "long term" expenses that I'm working with right now, not to mention trying to build our savings back up a bit. you can understand why I'm freaking out a little....this would be better than I have ever done before and I might just have a major mental freak out if this is correct.....the chance to actually put money AWAY.....too awesome

*followed by this update:*
Having done all of my have to tell you this....I have dinners planned through February 4th!!! Not sure exactly how I did this....guess I gave up planning when I got Christmas, but apparently there was a bit more in stock than I had thought.
NO grocery shopping in January other than for milk, bread, meds.....this should allow for saving up and for paying towards the family vacation....and for paying off the home equity loan (which is HUGE because once that's paid off, I can start looking for a replacement minivan....should have it paid off in a few months!!)
Phew....brain hurts...not sure how I did this, but wow
Just figured it out....since 11/4, I've spent a total of $571.61, but have gotten food for 13 weeks, which works out to $43.97 per week for a family of 4, plus 2 cats and a dog....WOW!!! I have managed to impress myself

Now THAT'S how you do it ladies!!

End of year round up

Well, it's the last day of 2010 and I thought I'd look back over the blog. I've gotten a couple of new followers, missed SEVERAL months due to general distractions or personal antipathy, and have posted numerous recipes, both from my personal family cookbooks, or from some generous, kind-hearted friends.

So....the questions, as I've asked before is....does anybody actually read this thing, or is it just being written as a catharsis for me to deal with my crazy-busy-hectic life??


So....There was Black Friday (I laughed because I haven't shopped on BF in years....and the most recent was an accident - I actually forgot it was BF and ran out to get shelving for DSs bedroom...crazy!). Did you find any bargains?? Was it *really* worth it to rush out early, stand in line with all those other people?? Eh, I prefer my method...get a cup of coffee, sit in the main part of the mall, and chuckle at all the people running around like crazy.

Then there was "the last shopping weekend before Christmas" where stores saw yet another boom in sales as those who had postponed their shopping tried to get gifts for all those people that they felt obligated to give gifts to. Please note the word "obligated" That is NOT what Christmas is about, yet it seems that is what society has turned it into....just another mass-market commercialized day in the year. {sigh}

Finally, there is the Day After Christmas.....HUGE discounts....what can I say, that one is harder for me to break that BF because that's when I buy the clothing for the children for next year. This year was NOT fun as I couldn't find the lined cargo pants and jeans that my sensory-sensitive son likes to wear. Managed to find them online - and still on sale! But it was still crazy trying to find them - apparently they aren't carried anywhere other than Old Navy...if anybody else knows where I can get them, PLEASE tell me!!!

However, thanks to a productive morning (up at 5am, out by 545am, not back home until noon...and I was out with my Mother doing her shopping and my shopping!!), I don't have to buy birthday or Christmas presents for either child!! I even found a few things for my husband....didn't look for things for myself this year as I'm determined to MAKE my clothes (have had some fabrics sitting in my storage for nearly 7's time to turn them into clothing). Once DSs pants arrive, my shopping (for presents anyway) will be 95% for awesome is that??!!???

Now....groceries...oy! I thought I only had groceries to get me through 12/25....last major shopping trip was back in November....early November at Well, I sat down yesterday and played with more meal plans, and it looks like I have most of January taken care of as well!! I *did* do some shopping yesterday due to sales and having coupons that matched with what was on sale. If I did as well as I think I did, I may not have to do a major shopping trip until sometime in February!!! WooHoo!!!! This is more than awesome....this is freaking mindblowing!!

DS has discovered Sci-Fi novels, and was upset at the language used in just the first paragraph of the one he bought (gift card from grandparents...both kids thought it was awesome that they got to spend their own "money" for their books). So....we started substituting new words....


You get the idea.....but sometimes it's too when discussing our DDs behavior and it ends up being: she needs to stop acting like a spoiled rapidly dissolves into laughter...yup, some interesting changes going on in the house

Well, I hope that you've enjoyed 2010...I will do my best to post more regularly in 2011...

Monday, December 27, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

We all make them, some of us keep what are some of YOUR resolutions for 2011??

In a couple of groups that I belong to, this question was raised, and since I responded there, I thought I'd post them here....feel free to add your own.....:

  • 1-get back to daily workouts

    2-learn more frugal recipes and cook double batches of meals so that we have them ready for nights when things are really crazy

    3-work through the stashed fabric and actually finish outfits for myself and the children (DS just wants more cargo pants, but DD and I have enough outfits for whole new wardrobes....but all still in the flat-fold fabric

    4-learn how to do more than make pickles

and from another group (still my responses):
  • 1- to do better at planning so that we don't get caught between paychecks with little money in the bank

    2-to spend less on spur-of-the-moment purchases

    3-to go to the store without the children when I can

    4-to make the clothes that I bought supplies for (mostly me and DD) instead of purchasing cheaply made things from mass-market stores

    5-to learn how to make pet treats because store-bought ones are WAY too expensive

    6-to learn how to can more things (though apparently the pickles are a HUGE hit) and how to do other preserving

    7-to make double batches of certain meals so that we have them ready for those nights when things are just too crazy

    8-to NOT have fast food in the house more than once a month

I probably should add in...become a better manager of my time. SO much of my time seems to be spent on things that, in the long run, are trivial....and not enough time is spent with my family or getting the things done that I need to do (to further save money)......ah, well....would be nice if we had just a 28 hour day every now and then, but.....

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Spirit of Christmas

So, it's Christmas time again....and the question is...what is Christmas all about. Yes, it celebrates the birth of Jesus. Given that we live in a materialistic society, it seems that Christmas has become nothing more than a retailers buy buy....with the children shouting gimme gimme gimme.

We should remember that it's about GIVING, not about GETTING.....God GAVE us His Son...what's so hard about that?

I'm not saying that we shouldn't have presents under the tree or anything like that, but we need to remember what Christmas is really about.

Oh, and since this is where I give frugal tips and hints and such...if you feel the need to give presents, why not do something that costs less, but means more. Give of yourself, give some of your time, make things by hand ......cut back on your list of who you "must" give presents to. And most importantly, give to those less fortunate than yourself. Keep in mind that, no matter how bad things might seem for you, there are always others that have less than you.