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Monday, April 23, 2012

Do you believe everything that you read??? yes, I'm on FaceBook.....there have been some really FREAKY postings, shared by my friends, but written by total nut-jobs who apparently live to scare others...makes me wonder what they are missing in their lives.

One such post was that everyone who reads this particular message will die at 10:35 tonight...yeah, ok.  Here's the thing....God knew us before we ever existed, He knew the length of our lives....He did NOT give such awesome power to some random troll posting crud on the internet!!!

Another post was about whoever read the whole story would be the next victim of revenge meted out by the ghost of a girl who was bullied to death.....yeah, see, I read that story...weeks ago, and here I am, alive and well (at least phsyically, my mental health has always been in question, but if you only knew my'd understand).

The point is....things written like this only serve one scare others and to make the writers/posters feel important.  How sad is that??  They could better spend their creative energy finding ways to cut gas prices, feed the hungry, bring clean drinking water to people who don't have access.....sad, just sad.

Bottom line....don't believe all you read...especially if you are a child with reasonably intelligent parents who tell you that it's just a lot of me, you are more likely to get a swat on the butt for keeping them awake all night than you are of anything in those postings actually happening!!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

trying to get back on track {sigh}

Spent most of the day tidying up my work room...finally have the majority of the fabrics put away and patterns stored properly.  Have made a project list.....first thing I have to do is finish up some projects: hand sewing a facing down on a dress, hemming another dress, tacking the bodice of a knit top so it doesn't show off so much cleavage......

I still have to finish working on my summer lesson plans for the kids, but I'm still waiting for one of the books that I ordered....they will be a combination of Bible study and home ec.....gah....

eventually things will get back on track.....just not sure when

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Status report

Not a whole lot of sewing going on around here.  We spent "Spring Break" installing the last bits of sheet rock in what will be DHs office, and the few pieces remaining for the garage ceiling.  Then we started mudding....phew....taught the kids how to deal with the nails while I worked on seams, and hubby worked on the heating duct work that the previous owners ended about 5 feet away from the wall....apparently they were going to run a gas line in there for yet another gas log fireplace (so far, we know of 3 places they were going to install them, but they never got around to it).

I did another table runner and pillow covers for a different friend, and finally got fed up with the plastic bag that was holding my clothespins, so I whipped out a 3-pocket half-apron....AND I got 2 loads of laundry done on the lines before it started looking like rain...woohoo....

Not sure what next project (sewing) will be, but I decided last night that I was going to re-draft the pattern that I used in my first home ec class - simple apron, 2 pieces - to fit both of my kiddos for when we start our cooking lessons this summer.

Will try to make regular posts from now on, and probably quite a few this summer as we progress through various sewing and cooking attempts and (hopefully) family field trips