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Sunday, January 26, 2014

rudderless in a sea of fabric

So...haven't posted anything lately because it's been one thing after the other and my motivation to do much beyond have my morning cup of coffee has pretty much disappeared.

Let's start with home school - oh ah, how lucky you are....yeah, ok, time for a reality check.  Home school + teenager = NOT fun at all!!!  Add that the teenager is a boy who also happens to be on the autism spectrum and things go from crazy to downright stressful.  We've had over 2 weeks of attitude, books being thrown, me being yelled at, meltdowns and then not remembering what caused the meltdowns, arguments with Dad, fighting with sister, incomplete assignments, oh...and the best....turning in a test after being told to have it reviewed by Dad so he could explain where T  missed some steps (Algebra 1, don't even get me started on this), while he still has a B average in the class, that one freaking quiz dropped him from a little over 85% to barely 83% and he's slowly sliding lower and lower - mainly from simple mistakes. there's that - and I'm  not even his actual primary teacher!!!  He has teachers assigned for each class...I'm really just a support staff member.....whatever

Then add in no sunlight and sub-freezing temperatures, which means no going outside for fresh air and creative replenishment....not even the OTT light was helping.....well, there was no creativity going on at all.....I *had* been working on a flannel shirt for my son, but after consecutive days of being treated like the dog crap he wiped off his shoes, I decided I wasn't doing anything for someone so ungrateful and the shirt is still sitting in pieces on my ironing board.

All this led to feeling like I wasn't doing as much as I could to help with the family finances - I pay the bills and buy the groceries, but all I see it as is me spending the money that my husband earns from his job....I know...that's not really all, but that's what happens when you have seasonal depression and no outlet to make yourself feel better.....

Well, I ventured into JoAnns yesterday after nearly a year of completely avoiding it due to the rudeness and incompetence of an employee who actually had the audacity to leave another customer to come and YELL at both me and the manager that I was speaking with!!  This time was completely different (even though that particular employee was there, I didn't have to deal with her at all) and I found LOTS of inspiration that just started the artsy fartsy creativity flowing again......woohoo!!

So far...just from 10am-1pm, I've made 4 quilt tops...need to decide on the borders for them, but other wise they are ready for layering and quilting....AND, I'm working on a 5th in a totally different fabric, print, and pattern.....yay me!!

Laundry was caught up, have 2 shirts that need ironing for DH, dinner is leftovers because there's no space in the fridge, most of the Girl Scout cookies have been delivered with more being delivered tomorrow afternoon (please let there be whole week of no school makes for a more than slightly insane  momma!!)....even more to be delivered Tuesday....then I think I'm all caught up with house stuff and can play around with more fabric....woohoo.....