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Sunday, January 22, 2012

football loss leads to sewing progress...

So, the Ravens screwed up left and right as the game neared the end....missed passes, fumbles, and a field goal attempt that I swear is the result of Cundiff being in the pay of the Patriots to throw the I went to sew.

From the previous post, I started working on the New Look dress (the one that is in the first set of picture with the little pink jacket - I'm not making the jacket, though).  It's all cut out, skirt is completely assembled, the bodice and bodice lining are prepped (darts and whatnot in place and basted, pieces pinned together at the shoulder).  I ignored the giants-49ers game, but will check the score eventually....hoping that the giants had their butts handed to them....but back to sewing....

When the NL dress is finished, it will give me another 3.25 yards of stash out of my workroom.  I've got more fleece that I will be cutting up to make double-layer scarves, which will eventually clear up floor space and lead to less tripping when I try to walk into the

I finally got the Simplicity pattern (also in the first set of pictures from the previous post) in the correct size and that will be another 3 yards or there about...woohoo!!!  So...time to head off here...watching a little bit of BBT before going to bed....will be sewing and hopefully getting projects finished and pictures posted tomorrow....happy sewing!

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