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Monday, January 16, 2012

@!#%* embroidered linen dress is DONE

Ok, the swearing is at myself (see previous post), but I think that, in the end, the dress turned out quite nice (though you can see my cutting issues where I didn't have everything lined up properly...oops).

This is the front view...LOVE how it fits and give the illusion of a

close up of the bodice with the gathering and the pointed yoke...definitely emphasizes the bust while giving a waist, need the second part of that more than the first, but it's all good.

back view...also has the point, which I didn't do such a great job on, but which still looks nice.  Liking the collar detail as well...not a straight, high collar, but a little notched bit...just another cute little detail.

Total used from fabric stash: 4 freaking yards!!!  well, that's something anyway, right??


  1. You made it in MY size ... right? Looks like a pretty spring/summer dress.

  2. This is lovely! How do the sleeves hang? (And because of you, I did get this pattern the last sales!)