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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

December 23rd update

Well, the county fair went well (August) and the fall craft fair did well (November). Then December got all crazy. I've had so many hits on the Etsy store since Black Friday that I was starting to lose my mind. Fortunately, I was wise enough to update my shop so that any orders after 12/18 get the message that, due to the holidays, items will not be shipped until 12/28. So, while I still check daily, I'm not killing myself to get everything out to the Post Office - I;ll just make 1 big trip.

Today was amusing...somewhat. Both children had to have teeth pulled and today was the day for that. DS has now learned the value of actually brushing his teeth after seeing the tooth that got pulled. It was a baby tooth and our dentist refused to fill it and charge us for it since it is a tooth that will more than likely come out in the next year or so. Over half of 1 side of the tooth was nearly gone!! Needless to say, DS is grossed out and has promised to brush his teeth twice a day now. DD needed to have 2 teeth pulled out in order to make room for her adult teeth, which had started coming in behind the baby teeth. Tough little chickie that she is, she told the nurse and oral surgeon that they were NOT sticking a needle in her arm for general anesthesia!! Instead, they did the numbing gel followed by novacaine and nitrous, huh? But she did very well with it and wasn't as loopy or unbalanced as DS was (he apparently fell down twice, according to DH - we had to take 2 cars so that we could bring them home as soon as they were done).