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Friday, November 26, 2010

Christmas prep

So, being as it's Black Friday...the biggest sales day of the year, supposedly, I thought I'd jump back online for a brief post.

When shopping for Christmas gifts:
-carry a list of the people you are buying for, their favorite colors, sizes, interests
-make sure you have noted which stores have what on sale and try to "cluster shop" meaning try to get to all the stores that are close together before venturing out to further locations.

If you cluster shop, you may be able to find things more inexpensive at one of the cluster stores than at one of the ones farther away (remember to take into account driving time, gas used, etc. when figuring this out)...yes, Store X might have that perfect sweater on sale for $10 cheaper than store B, but it's another 20 miles away, across a mountain, using a good amount of gas and then the time to drive there, find a parking space....just to get 1 sweater....really??!!???

Pre-plan for the next year!!

If you run into some "can't pass up sales" and have the money available, take advantage of them. Case in point: Target had long-sleeve sweaters for girls on sale for $10, they also had baby cord pants on sale for $10. I bought DD a sweater and pair of pants that she can wear this year, and another sweater and pants (different colors) for next year. Since she tends to grow slowly, they ones for next year might even be a little too big when next Christmas rolls around. I did the same for DS and pajamas....he grows in spurts and is already wearing 10s that will be too short by the spring (most likely) I bought him 12s for this year, and 14s for next Christmas (also on sale for $10).

Just remember to monitor your don't want to end up with a huge credit card bill just because you fond some great deals....they'll still be there, and don't forget the day after Christmas sales are only a month away!!