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Monday, February 27, 2012

Red dress is DONE!!

Few, after all the chaos around here, I really didn't know if I would get my entry into the red dress contest done in time....deadline to enter is 2/29 and I *just* uploaded, reviewed, and entered it....yeah, Phew!

So, here it is:

Yes, it needs a seriously good pressing, but's done!!  And check out the middle picture...little red, peep-toe, bow-back satin pumps...and almost a perfect match to the dress wheee!!!!!

So, now onto the baby clothes with hope of getting some finished before this weekend when I might be able to deliver them to mom without having to take them to karate class with

Friday, February 24, 2012

life sucks so there's no sewing

I'm still battling with the school and the court system with regards to my son being bullied.

Recommended disciplinary action was NOT taken and the child is back in class with my should have been a 10-day was less than a week out of classes, and apparently he only got put in the "alternate education setting" other words, in school suspension, so he was still on school property and able to complete his school work on time.

So...I will be trying to distract myself this weekend, which MAY mean sewing, may mean shopping, may mean sleeping as long as possible to get me to Monday.  why???

Well, Monday morning, I will be in the office to talk with the vice principal....if I'm not satisfied with her answer, I will be at the school administration building.  I will also be talking with the resource officer (again) per instructions by the intake "officer" that I spoke with today...but I don't know what that will accomplish.

Gah.....but at least my son (and daughter) know that Mom is in their corner and will not give up without a significant amount of fighting on their behalf

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


No, not a's snowing and sewing combined.  So....I had a list of things I wanted to do since we got about 9 inches of snow.....

I fixed the patch on hubby's coat, made a jumper for a friend's little baby, finished the Dr. Seuss skirt for my daughter, and got a red dress cut out for myself (not the original pattern, but another one I liked).

Here is the proof:

And of course, pictures of the children in the snow: we have a 2 hour delay because they don't want to risk b uses of children on narrow roads with black's time to head to the doc's office because T's croupy barking cough is not getting better even though he's using an inhaler, and now R is starting to cough as joy.....NOT!!!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

A day of snow and sewing.....huh, yeah right

Ok, we were supposed to get snow today....this is the 3rd weekend they have said that.  So far, we've seen some flakes falling, but nothing consistent or steady.  However, in preparation for the potential accumulation (lol), I have gotten the Sunday paper, milk, and paper products.  As far as food for meals, we're good until early yes, I was laughing at everyone trying to stock up on things.

However, now that I've run out and done the brief shopping, I have the whole day ahead of me and plans to spend as much as possible in the sewing room.

My plans for today (and as long as I get "some" of them done, I'll be happy) include:

-re-attaching a patch on a jacket for DH
-finishing the Dr. Seuss skirt for DD (still trying to find a trim that she likes, but will get it all the way to that point today, then will continue the trim hunt next week)
-pressing the fabric for my red dress and getting the pattern pieces out, pressed, and ready (yes, I press the wrinkles out of my pattern pieces)
-sewing up a ruffly jumper for the princess baby
-cutting out a romper for the princess baby
-getting the pattern pieces out for a sleep sack for the princess baby

That's what I'm aiming for today.  Oh, and the "princess baby" is the newborn daughter of a friend....who already had 2 boys and was REALLY hoping for a daughter this lots of pinks and purples (mom's favorite color is purple, so I'm going to try to use a lot of that).

Of course, there's lunch and dinner to be had, so eventually I'll have to take a break....not to mention laundry to be done.  I promise to post pictures of the things that actually get

Happy sewing!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

back to relative normalcy

There's been a LOT going on that doesn't need to be blogged about, but which has kept me sufficiently distracted that sewing was NOT an option.

However....I did manage to finish my entry for the menswear contest at Pattern Review.  I made my darling hubby an ivory flannel shirt to go with the blue and green ones I had previously made him.  Given that we are trying to keep our electrical usage down, the thermostat is set lower than normal, which means we wear layers, and flannel shirts are one of his "go-to" items.

Here is the finished product, modeled by my hubby in all his goofiness:

Next up....Red dress contest

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Holiday sewing, part #2

So I'm a little slow in posting, but I'm a head in getting the item done!

DD chose a skirt for St. Patrick's Day (well, her mom is part Irish, so there better be some green being worn just to avoid the pinching that others think is funny), and when I asked if she wanted pompoms on it, her head nearly popped in her excitement.

Here's the finished project:

Well, let me correct that...I still need to run the elastic, which i will do tonight, but other than that, it's finished.  Next up is the Dr. Seuss version of this same skirt pattern....all titles of Dr. Seuss books....she also has a jumper with different characters all over it, so I don't know which one she will actually wear, but at least she has options. :-)

On to more sewing!!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Holidays storming through the sewing room....part 1

It has become a habit to make my youngest something special to wear on "holidays" such as Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day (and thanks to the school), Dr. Seuss' Birthday (yes, I know, not on a standard calendar, but when you have a child in elementary school......).  SO....first up is Valentine's Day.  My darling girl was given the option of either a skirt or a jumper (same options for St. Patrick's Day and Dr. Seuss' birthday) and chose a jumper from the fabric that I found on our last excursion to JoAnn fabrics.

This is the fabric: 

It's got little sparkles all over it as well, so definitely something that appealed to my girly  I wanted something quick and easy since I have contest entries that I'm also working on.  The end result was that I used the same pattern I used to make her tie-dye jumper, only this time I actually used the facings and such.  The end result is this:

Cute, sweet, and simple.

Today, while she's in art class, I'm hoping to get the Dr. Seuss skirt pinned together and get the St. Patrick's Day skirt cut out and pinned together.  I will post pictures of those as soon as I get them done.....but I also will be pinning sleeves into DHs flannel shirt and cutting out baby clothes for a friend, so please be

Friday, February 3, 2012

Jeans, 1.0 are finished and they aren't exactly what I had hoped for

I will post pictures later on, but suffice it to say, I now have a really cool pair of denim trousers!!  Nope, not relaxed fit, straight-leg jeans as most people would picture them, but definitely more the shape of dress slacks....Dockers, maybe.  But, I did the bling and finished them up...left off the belt carriers because, at that point, I was annoyed about the fit and everything.

Next up:

Valentine's Day jumper for DD
Flannel shirt for DH
Vest for DH (?)
Red dress for me
Twirly skirts in St. Patrick's Day fabric and Dr. Seuss fabric for DD
Possibly another attempt at jeans for me (this time, non stretch, blue with gold top stitching)

Ok, so later than planned, but here are some pics of the jeans, version 1.0:

Butt bling, and side pocket bling....looser than planned, but overall, not that bad.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

ready for some high-speed sewing

Ok...if you read the blog, you can see that I'm entered in 4 contests....well, 3 now that the fabric stash reduction thread has ended.

This is, today is the 1st of February, and 2 of the contests started today.....and I'm still not done with the workroom cleanout!!!  And one contest ends on 2/15.....well, 2 end on 2/15....argh!!!

So here's my current plan: work on bills tonight, double check tax information and prep it for submission.  Tomorrow: drop kids off at school, move some boxes around in the workroom, then get back to work on the first pair of jeans.  Get them finished and in the wash and start cutting out the red dress and men's shirt....BUT...have to stop by 1115 to make it to a noon dr. appt. which will hopefully result in a diagnosis as to why my right foot has been extremely painful to walk on since December.

Once done there, back to work on shirt and dress again....I have a goal with these have the dress finished and properly fitted to wear out to dinner with my husband, and to have his shirt done before we actually get into consistently warmer  I also want to make him a new vest since the ones I made him a few years ago no longer fit him, but that will happen if I get the other items done.

SO......plans are made, but that doesn't mean that I will meet all those just helps to have some idea of what I'm supposed to be doing - hopefully I won't have another "diddly-bupkus" know, where you don't get diddly bupkus done for one reason or another.....