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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

First project for "ME" of 2012

So I am participating in a "fabric stash reduction" contest over at Pattern Review and decided I needed to work on some things that have been aging nicely in my storage closet.  Well, the first choice was a no-go because the fabric hadn't been pre-washed...same for the second choice.  That meant I had to pull things out and see what patterns were matched with fabric that was actually ready to be cut.

I ended up pulling out one of the options that I had for my 20th HS reunion (June 2010).  It is a "retro" style pattern from Butterick, and I had bought some yummy light turquoise linen with darker turquoise embroidery.  Yes, I simply bought a little extra fabric, then tossed the whole mess into the washer....then never got around to making the dress.

As you can tell from this picture, I am NOT making the halter version, but am making the version that has the cap sleeves.  Sorry, but until I get back to a fit and healthy shape/weight,  halters and I will NOT agree.  What I really like about this pattern is the v neckline as well as the midriff gives it a nice shape that I hope will translate well with the fabric that I chose.  And speaking of fabric, here is what I will be using:

Isn't it pretty??  I know, I don't usually do such girly things, but this was just too nice to pass up.  Now, I've already made some changes to this dress, even though I've only gotten as far as getting the needed pieces cut out.  The dress is supposed to be self-lined, but seriously, who wants embroidered linen right against their skin?? Instead, I rummaged through my lining fabric stash (sometimes the stash threatens to take over) and found one that I can use.  Now that the dress and the lining bits are all cut out, I'm ready to sew.

I will probably start on this tonight or tomorrow because I have laundry to do (pre-washing the denim that just arrived for the jeans contest!) and household bills to take care of.  Rest assured...this time I'll take pictures as I go along.

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  1. Adorable pattern ... but I am drooling over the fabric choice.