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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Jeans, can i make a pair that fits better than store bought

Ok, so we've established that I visit quite a bit and even enter contests on the site.  I'm still trying to get more stash out the door by the end of the month, there's a jeans contest going on.

I tried to make a pair of jeans a year or so ago, but missed on piece that I needed, then discovered that I didn't have enough fabric to cut it out, so...out the door it went.
Here's what I'm working with:

I am starting with view D (upper right) out of black stretch denim with silver top-stitching.

I think it's going well so tell me.....:
back pocket detail.  Will be adding a little sparkly where the lines cross each other - that will be in the next post if I can get it done.

right front pocket with the little "quarter pocket"...all top stitching done with silver metallic thread

zipper stitched in...yes, marking are on both side...easier for me to just smack the tracing paper while pattern is still somewhat pinned in place....and yes, it wipes/washes right off.

plain left front pocket

I now basically have the front of the jeans done.  I will take a picture of the fabric used for the front pocket linings and get them in the next post....good thing is that progress is being made, even though I'm taking more time to read and re-read through all of the directions...more to come at a later date

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