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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Since I'm not sewing right now, I thought I'd post what my future plans are...

SO.....I've entered 4 different contests on Pattern Review and thought I'd post the patterns that I will be attempting to use.  You've already seen the jeans pattern that is being used for the jeans contest - 2 different styles.....first one is near completion, but I needed a break from them for a little while.

First up is the "Fabric Stash Reduction" contest (1/1-1/31), during which we try to use up as much of our stashed/stored fabric as we possibly can.  HOWEVER, the fabric has to have been in our stash for at LEAST 6 months to be eligible for this contest.  I have MORE than enough fabric that qualifies for this contest, including some fabric that is as old as my daughter (8 years!!!), but I ran into roadblocks.  The first was that some of the fabric I wanted to use hadn't been pre-washed, so that put a delay on my progress.  The next roadblock was that one of the patterns I was planning on using was not the correct suckage there, but I was afraid to make it in the smaller size since it's a lovely little pattern that I want to look perfect when it's finished.  I set a personal goal for this contest of 25 yards being used up.  As of this writing, I have used 13 yards, with 2 more projects that need to be entered, which *may* push me up to the 25, but I'm not sure....have to sit down and finish some things, enter the pattern reviews, then enter them into the contest tally.  There are other items that I want to make....see below.....

Here are the patterns that I want to use between now and the end of the contest:

I don't know if I can get to all 3 of them, but the last one is the one that I have almost ready to go - fabric washed and pattern pieces cut out.

You've already seen the pattern that I'm using for the "Jeans" contest, which runs from 1/15-2/15....yes, overlapping with the fabric stash contest.

Next up is the "Red Dress" contest, which runs from 2/1-2/28.  I thought I had a pattern that I liked, but of course, I didn't have any red fabric...or at least not enough.  Fortunately, I was able to run to JoAnn Fabrics today after my daughter was finished with her Gifted and Talented class at UVA, which is where I found both the pattern I intend on using AND the fabric (and notions) for this contest.  It is NOT my typical style of dress, but sometimes we need something new to get our creative juices flowing.

Here is the pattern that will be used for the contest:

No, I don't normally like any of the patterns that come with the "Project Runway" branding......simply because I find it hard to believe that any of the contestants are actually capable of making clothing that can transfer to daily wear...and no, I don't watch the show anymore...too snarky, too many silly limited item contests, and WAY too many prima donnas  for me.

Finally, there is the "Challenge" contest (2/1-2/15), which in this case is a "Menswear" contest.  Now, part of the rules states that it must be for an ADULT male, which is no problem since I've got one of those in my household (love you honey!), but another one states that it can NOT be an accessory....which led to the question of a vest....does it count as clothing or is it considered an accessory??  Got the ruling back that it counts as clothing.  So NOW, I have 2 different things that I can make for my darling hubby.  The first is a third version of the flannel shirt that we have both found MUCH more acceptable than store bought (seriously, tell me how only the sleeves of a shirt can shrink and not the rest of the shirt)....this is the pattern that I've used for the previous shirts and will use for the next one:

I may be making the vest from this pattern as well, but not 100% decided on this as I have another pattern that I've used in the past.

I have one more pattern that may or may not get used for the stash reduction contest:

We shall see how much progress I can make between now and the end of the fabric stash contest....though I'm not going to try and push myself because I've decided to spend some of my sewing time doing sewing for charities that I work with.

Well....that's enough for now....happy sewing everyone!


  1. Wow, I love the patterns you selected. I can't wait to see the finish results.

  2. No wonder I like Simplicity 3673 so much; the middle view is the sort of clothing my grandmama used to make for me. :-)