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Saturday, January 21, 2012

jeans - status report

Sorry, no pictures yet.  I've decided to go with the "basic bling" and just use clear crystals, simplistic design.  HOWEVER.....I decided to add edge stitching and top stitching to the outside leg seams, so it's taking a bit longer than planned.

The description on the pattern said these were supposed to be "relaxed fit" and I'm REALLY hoping they shrink a little when I'm done and throw them in for a wash because....well, relaxed is one thing, loose enough to fit 1.5 of me in them is a totally different thing!!!  And yes, I *did* go my my measurements and I *did* use the 1" seam allowances that the pattern called for.  At this point, I'm too far along to go back a re-do all of the seaming, so I'll just keep plugging right along and pray for a positive outcome. 

The one good thing about this experience is that, for the second pair, I know I can go down a  Will have pictures up once more progress has been made (outside seam stitching done, waistband attached, etc.)

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