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Friday, January 27, 2012

skirt done...on to polka dots!

So, as part of the Pattern Review (fabric) Stash Reduction Contest, I needed to reach 25 yards....well, that was my personal goal.  I had a perfect pattern and discovered enough stashed fabric to make a lovely brocade summer skirt (too short to wear in cold  It put me at nearly 26 yards, so...I no longer have to push myself to reach my goal.

Here's the skirt:

and a close up of the fabric used:

I am now working on a pink and black polka dot dress for my daughter.  The school is doing 101 Dalmatians and they want children to dress in polka dots on the 101st day of school.....lovely.  At least they gave me enough that is currently left is to attach the bodice to the skirt, hem it and put in the zipper.  She also wants me to make a matching headband....with attached dog ears {sigh}.  I guess we will see if the headband actually gets made or not since between now and then we also have her belt test in karate for her purple belt and various other misc. things that need attention.

Happy sewing everyone!

And for those that love soft kitties and warm kitties and little balls of fur.......

the black one is my old man, Shadow (14+ years old) and the gray and white one is Seymour, the crazy kitten (2 years old)

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  1. The skirt looks amazing. This was the perfect fabric for this skirt!