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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Jeans, part 2 - Butt Bling

SO....cruising right along here with my silver top-stitching...and that's going well.  HOWEVER....butt much sparkle should there

Here is the way it is RIGHT NOW:

small clear/white diamond crystal attached where the stitching lines cross.
Here are the options (other than just leaving it the way it is):

From top to bottom:

Small clear crystals where the stitching meets the sides of the pockets
small purple crystals where the stitching meets the sides of the pockets
medium green crystals where the stitching meets the sides of the pockets  and finally,
the "mega butt bling":  medium green crystals on the side and large turquoise crystal in the center of the "loop"....this is NOT my favorite, but still an option (I can just imagine how uncomfortable it would be sitting on that, so no, while not really an option, it was fun to see what it looked like).

Now for the front:

Top to bottom: medium green square, small purple square, small clear square, medium clear square - these are all at the corner of the "quarter pocket".

Finally, at the top of the front pockets:

top to bottom: large turquoise, large clear

I have yet to be able to find rivets, so I've given up on them and am going to use the "crystals" instead.

Oh, one last detail...the pocket lining fabric:

SO.....tell me what you think about the various "blingy" things and which you would opt for


  1. I like the simple look personally, with the clear ones. It adds bling without being too over the top.

  2. I didn't know you had a blog. I'm so excited to find it. I don't think the bling much matters since you won't be looking at it and it's all really just fun on the fanny, so pick whatever strikes your fancy. Now I've got some older posts to read!