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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

ready for some high-speed sewing

Ok...if you read the blog, you can see that I'm entered in 4 contests....well, 3 now that the fabric stash reduction thread has ended.

This is, today is the 1st of February, and 2 of the contests started today.....and I'm still not done with the workroom cleanout!!!  And one contest ends on 2/15.....well, 2 end on 2/15....argh!!!

So here's my current plan: work on bills tonight, double check tax information and prep it for submission.  Tomorrow: drop kids off at school, move some boxes around in the workroom, then get back to work on the first pair of jeans.  Get them finished and in the wash and start cutting out the red dress and men's shirt....BUT...have to stop by 1115 to make it to a noon dr. appt. which will hopefully result in a diagnosis as to why my right foot has been extremely painful to walk on since December.

Once done there, back to work on shirt and dress again....I have a goal with these have the dress finished and properly fitted to wear out to dinner with my husband, and to have his shirt done before we actually get into consistently warmer  I also want to make him a new vest since the ones I made him a few years ago no longer fit him, but that will happen if I get the other items done.

SO......plans are made, but that doesn't mean that I will meet all those just helps to have some idea of what I'm supposed to be doing - hopefully I won't have another "diddly-bupkus" know, where you don't get diddly bupkus done for one reason or another.....

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