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Saturday, February 18, 2012

back to relative normalcy

There's been a LOT going on that doesn't need to be blogged about, but which has kept me sufficiently distracted that sewing was NOT an option.

However....I did manage to finish my entry for the menswear contest at Pattern Review.  I made my darling hubby an ivory flannel shirt to go with the blue and green ones I had previously made him.  Given that we are trying to keep our electrical usage down, the thermostat is set lower than normal, which means we wear layers, and flannel shirts are one of his "go-to" items.

Here is the finished product, modeled by my hubby in all his goofiness:

Next up....Red dress contest

1 comment:

  1. Good thing my hubby is in the other room ... or he'd be not-very-subtly hinting at how he'd love one for himself! That looks like a nice shirt.

    And I hear ya on the not-bloggable but highly disruptive things this week!