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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Holiday sewing, part #2

So I'm a little slow in posting, but I'm a head in getting the item done!

DD chose a skirt for St. Patrick's Day (well, her mom is part Irish, so there better be some green being worn just to avoid the pinching that others think is funny), and when I asked if she wanted pompoms on it, her head nearly popped in her excitement.

Here's the finished project:

Well, let me correct that...I still need to run the elastic, which i will do tonight, but other than that, it's finished.  Next up is the Dr. Seuss version of this same skirt pattern....all titles of Dr. Seuss books....she also has a jumper with different characters all over it, so I don't know which one she will actually wear, but at least she has options. :-)

On to more sewing!!

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