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Friday, February 24, 2012

life sucks so there's no sewing

I'm still battling with the school and the court system with regards to my son being bullied.

Recommended disciplinary action was NOT taken and the child is back in class with my should have been a 10-day was less than a week out of classes, and apparently he only got put in the "alternate education setting" other words, in school suspension, so he was still on school property and able to complete his school work on time.

So...I will be trying to distract myself this weekend, which MAY mean sewing, may mean shopping, may mean sleeping as long as possible to get me to Monday.  why???

Well, Monday morning, I will be in the office to talk with the vice principal....if I'm not satisfied with her answer, I will be at the school administration building.  I will also be talking with the resource officer (again) per instructions by the intake "officer" that I spoke with today...but I don't know what that will accomplish.

Gah.....but at least my son (and daughter) know that Mom is in their corner and will not give up without a significant amount of fighting on their behalf

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