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Friday, February 3, 2012

Jeans, 1.0 are finished and they aren't exactly what I had hoped for

I will post pictures later on, but suffice it to say, I now have a really cool pair of denim trousers!!  Nope, not relaxed fit, straight-leg jeans as most people would picture them, but definitely more the shape of dress slacks....Dockers, maybe.  But, I did the bling and finished them up...left off the belt carriers because, at that point, I was annoyed about the fit and everything.

Next up:

Valentine's Day jumper for DD
Flannel shirt for DH
Vest for DH (?)
Red dress for me
Twirly skirts in St. Patrick's Day fabric and Dr. Seuss fabric for DD
Possibly another attempt at jeans for me (this time, non stretch, blue with gold top stitching)

Ok, so later than planned, but here are some pics of the jeans, version 1.0:

Butt bling, and side pocket bling....looser than planned, but overall, not that bad.


  1. The jeans look awesome, The jeans look very flattering go you and I love the pocked detail!

  2. Give your jeans a good wash and tumble dry so they can shrink a bit. That worked on my mustard jeans made of a cotton drill. You've done some good work on these jeans.