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Friday, March 16, 2012

checking in....

So, the post about my son (his essay) really should have an update to's now gone global!!  People are asking if they can re-post it, print it out to share, email it, etc.  With luck it will be on the ASPEN website and not just on their FB page.  To see his face when I read everyone's just glows.

School is another issue...we have decided on a program, I have done the preliminary number crunching and it is feasible, and now we have the placement tests to work on...probably over spring break when we aren't putting up sheet rock and getting started on the drywall seams and nail divets.  I am still working on putting money aside to have our fence replaced by the late summer/early fall while also trying to come up with the $$ for the schooling, and while it will be tight, thankfully the meal planning and such helps make so it is possible.

Haven't gotten back to cleaning out my workroom yet, but then again, things have been all over the place for over a month now.  School issues still aren't resolved, though in one meeting the points that we wanted to make were well received after being totally ignored and shut down at the first meeting....unprofessional, disrespectful behavior from school administration who is now trying to say that was how my hubby treated him....even though I'm biased, I wouldn't hesitate to call my DH on it if he was being that way...he didn't lose his cool until we were leaving and tried repeatedly to make his point but kept getting interrupted and talked down to....way uncool...anyway.....that's another story for another time

I have DDs Easter outfit started and need to get to work on that, but am in the process of getting the house tidied up, clothes hung on the lines to dry, and general busywork right now....

what are you all doing as schools get ready for spring break and summer vacation is only a few months away???

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  1. Good news about your son's essay!!! It was well-written and deserves to be read globally!