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Sunday, March 4, 2012

baby clothes

Finally had the motivation to finish up an outfit for a friend.  It was originally planned as 2 tops with coordinating pants....but I didn't buy enough fabric, so...blah.  It ended up being 1 top with flannel bodice and striped cotton flounce and 2 pairs of pants that could be worn with it - one out of the flannel and one out of the striped cotton.

Here you go:

I need to root around to find 3 buttons to put on the back of the top and I need to get in touch with "mom" to get the baby's waist measurement, but other than those 2 things, it's done.  And now I remember why I liked it when my children graduated to toddler was HARD doing the hems around those narrow sleeves.....ouch!!!

But, it's done, and so is the purple to work on MY daughter's Easter outfit, then back to make a romper and a couple of baby dresses.....


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  2. I am sure this design suited only by girls. I loved the color and design of outfit. It looks so comfort and it's worth to buy.

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