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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Victorian Sofa progress pictures

So....had posted the start of the deconstruction of the sofa, here are pictures of the various steps:

 This is what the springs looked like once we got the multiple layers of "batting" removed - old, rusted, and no longer straight.
 We found this wedged into some of the springs.  Researched this and this particular sample came out in around 1912-1914 (have to double check my notes on this).  It is currently in a ziploc, and has been put back into the couch for dating purposes.

A clipping for a pattern, about 1920 or so.  Would *love* to actually have a pattern like this, but am guessing it's not the affordable price that this clipping listed.
 Front side pieces after treatment with OxyClean.  Removed years of stain and varnish - did this in the driveway so that it wouldn't stain the garage floor or leave foam all over the place
top side pieces, also after use of Oxy Clean.  Think these may have been soaked for a bit too long as they have almost NO stain left in them at all
 Top back piece before use of OxyClean...extremely dark, not what we really want for the room
 Close up of top back, center carving
 left side (when facing the couch)
 right side (when facing the couch)
All pieces after being treated with OxyClean.  I didn't try really hard to get all the stain out of the carving.  We're going for an aged, but not extremely dark and dismal look

 Removal of the old, crooked, rusty springs
 comparison of the old springs (closest) and new spring
 empty sofa frame
 installation of first new spring
 all springs installed, and first round of tying in place
 first round of tying complete, and second round started
first and second round of tying done and finishing up the third round

 third round of tying getting finished
close up of third round

 Start of fourth round of tying {sigh}
 All tying complete - front to back, side to side, then diagonally from left back to front (all the way across the length of the sofa) and diagonally from right back to front (again, the entire length)
 burlap cover for the springs.  Double layer, to help with spring compression and to keep the springs from poking through the batting and final fabric.
Another shot of the burlap cover...complete pain in the butt because it took 2 of us - 1 to hold in place and one to wedge the stapler in and fire off the staples - sometimes several in a very small area.

This is as far as we are right now.  Have to finish sanding and priming one area in the future office space, then we will move the sofa upstairs for the rest of the work.

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