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Friday, November 9, 2012

Going off the deep end??

So...the detergent seems to be working.  Both children have now done their laundry with it and have said it is smell whatsoever, and the clothes feel WAY  I will be doing some of Hubby's clothes today and we will get his feedback to add to the collected comments.

However, now that I've started with a couple of homemade things vs. store-bought, I'm looking for more.  So far, I've done baking from scratch, made homemade, non-fried potato chips, homemade laundry detergent, and am making cloth napkins to use instead of paper towels.  I think that's a pretty dang good start...but.......

Last night, while pinning together bits of fabric for a totally different project, I started looking to see what else was out there that I could make instead of far I have recipes for a homemade version of "cheez-its" as well as "milk bone" dog biscuits...uh-oh....I need to find one for molasses cookies because they are apparently well-liked by my children now (last time I had any, they tasted them and threw them out, this time, they are eating them all!!).  Hmmm....this could be an interesting venture......but still have to work it in around the family sewing, Christmas presents, day-to-day work around the house, etc.

I'm thinking I should probably go back to making my "master mix" which was pulled from "Once a Month Cooking" - More Mary, Less Martha....fabulous cookbook, even though I haven't worked up to cooking once a month yet....the recipes are divided so that you can make anywhere from 1 meal to 5 meals...with all the ingredients listed properly for each amount....but the Master Mix totally rocks (pancakes, cookies, muffins, bread...yup, all from the same basic mix).  Which now has me thinking of all the cookbooks I've collected....oy!

That's another project altogether.  I want to have cookbooks made for each child when they are ready to move out on their own.  I've gotten a pretty good start, but with the collection of cookbooks that i have, it may take a few  I'm mainly putting in recipes that have been tried and that the entire family loved, but I'm also adding in ones that are healthy, low-fat, low cost, but we haven't tried them yet....we'll see how long this

Anyway, I feel like, instead of just dipping my toes into the pool of homemade heaven, I've just gone straight off the diving board into the deep end....but if it saves money in the long run, I'm all for it.....will post updates of projects and if the were successes or failures.....either way, we learn something

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