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Monday, November 19, 2012

frustrated baker

Darling girl said, "I *love* pumpkin bread!" SO I made some from scratch, sent a loaf in to one of her teachers, and sliced the other 2 loaves (recipe makes 3 loaves and I didn't want to bother figuring out how to cut everything down) for snacking.  I also made, at son's request, peanut butter blossom cookies and plain peanut butter cookies.  Well, all the cookies are gone (oh yes, including the plain sugar cookies), but the pumpkin bread remains.  I thought about doing some baking today, but there's still bread in the snack bowl.....guess I'll wait a few days.

I have the ingredients for chocolate chip cookies as well as molasses cookies, but I don't see why I should bother when, after making something that was asked for, it's still sitting uneaten.  Ah well...guess that's what they'll be snacking on for a while longer.  Since we aren't having a big hoo-hah for Thanksgiving, I might do some baking then....if the mood strikes.

I've finished the quilting on 1 quilt, am over halfway done on the 2nd quilt, and haven't even cut the fabrics for the 3rd, but I can work with this....the first 2 need to be done as soon as I can get them done, the 3rd is planned as a Christmas present.....but, I broke my free motion foot for my Kenmore, which is my daily sewing machine.  I'm working on #2 quilt using my EuroPro and the darning foot....stitches are longer, but it seems to actually be going better since I'm in the 3rd quadrant to help the son with Boy Scout stuff

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