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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Chaos....and Inventory

So....In preparation for the fall craft fair (yes, FALL, as in NOVEMBER), I decided to take inventory to see what I needed to focus my energies on. This is part of what the room looked like when I was in the middle of tallying everything.

Scary, huh?? And that's only 4 boxes of various items that I needed to go through!! I think, once I consolidated everything, I got it from 10 boxes down to 8....not a huge reduction, but it *does* free up a little more space in the storage closet.

Hard to believe, but it took me 1.5 days to go through all of the boxes, count everything, and figure out what I had enough of and what needed replenishing...phew!!

This is one of the piles of fabric that I had to go front of the closet door are 2 more boxes - they have fabrics that I need for some of my projects, projects that are all cut out and just need to be sewn together, and patterns for even more projects....maybe I have too much fabric.....naaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!

Oh, also in the picture (the bright, glowing stripe to the left side) are the kiddos' backpacks for the upcoming school year - already loaded with everything that was on their supply lists! Yes, I know, it's only the beginning of July, but less thing for me to worry about, right??

Yet even more inventory that I had to go through! However...the white box was actually filled with packaging supplies (boxes, bags, tags, etc.), and the little Christmas tree box really DOES have a 2' tall Christmas tree in it!!

The other boxes on the futon are holding all the Christmas ornaments that i would REALLY like to sell this year - various sizes of "cupcake" ornaments as well as "stained glass" looking ornaments with scenes from the nativity on them, and some with script lettering on them. I think the prices were too high for a local craft fair, so I will be adjusting them a bit for this year. Hopefully, having a tree to display them on will help with the sales, though I *did* sell some last year - just not as many as I was hoping to sell.

Finally....this was a box of "baby sock cupcakes." I really don't need to make any more of these, but I *did* need to change the packaging and tidy them up a bit. I also made a few more "washcloth/spoon lollipops" (rolled baby washcloth with a plastic feeding spoon) and repacked the box. Phew.....this was actually not too taxing, so I was able to relax a little bit while I cahnged up the boxes....the clear ones just didn't look good to me anymore, and since Michael's carries boxes designed to hold 4 cupcakes...well, I just swapped everything over (with a little tidying up of the sock "cupcakes" to make the look a little nicer).

Now, the room is mostly back in order. I had really wanted to get some sewing done, but this was MUCH more important. I know how many and which items I need to make between now and November, so I can plan it out, and mix in the kids' clothes as well as my DOES all have a purpose...even if some people may think that starting in July for a November craft fair is a little me...if you knew me, you'd understand completely!!


  1. I am also starting to plan for my October/November/December craft fairs - so I know it's not insanity!

  2. *sigh* why are sewing supplies so darn difficult to organize and look like something other than clutter? I have a great many sewing things in those boxes that reams of printer paper come in. Uniform in size, but so not pretty.
    Not to mention everything that ends up on every horizontal surface.
    I need to come up with a better system.