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Monday, July 11, 2011

baby steps of progress.....

SO....Brady now has his drain out, but still has to wear his collar and custom t-shirts.  He isn't allowed stairs until the staples come out next Monday, so I'll be sleeping downstairs all week.

On the hanging dish towel front, I was able to find single towels in different colors - at a reasonable price!!  So, in addition to the white towels with the single color stripe, I now have red, green, beige, blue, and black towels that I can work with.  I just need to decide on the fabric to make the hanging parts and all will be well.

But of course, as is typical in my life, I've already moved on to a different  This one is really one that can wait a bit, so once I finish the strip cutting, I will bundle it up and set it aside - it's going to be a quilt for DD.  Now that I've decided on how I want the blocks to be and have made 2 already, I just need to cut the sashing strips and then I can bundle it all up - want to try and keep it a surprise for her for as long as possible.

I also need to get my butt out of the recliner in the evenings and either get back to walking again or get back to working at night.  Got sucked into TV with hubby once's not a completely bad thing, but when there's work to be done....well, it kind of undermines everything to be in a different room, away from all of my

Off to get dinner prep work done....light meal tonight since it's so dang hot....then paperwork to handle, then sewing to get done...oh, but Warehouse 13 premiere is tonight....dang......maybe I'll have him record it for me.....

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