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Friday, July 5, 2013

Rainy days = salad nights

Well, we've had several days of "off and on" rain.  Personally, it messes with my emotions and makes me unfocused and moody (read: depressed).  So I play with my Ott light and alternate knitting projects, read, and sleep.  In the meantime, the 3 garden beds have gone completely bonkers - especially since the rain has kept me from getting out and doing any weeding.

Tonight, we had pierogies, ham, and salad.....the lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumber all came from our very own garden beds!!!  I tossed some shredded carrots and some mini sweet peppers in and we had an awesome salad with our dinner.

I'm not sure what is going on with our carrots, but I will give them a little while longer.

The cherry tomatoes are starting to ripen (they are in the garden bed), but the beefsteak tomatoes haven't started turning yet - though there are several on the plants.  The lone pepper plant (hot pepper, just for hubby) has one pepper that is close to being ready, and a second that has just started growing.

I had to go out again and pick the beans off the plants, so now I have another full bowl for snacking on (yes, I actually enjoy fresh, uncooked green beans).  We haven't done anything with the collard greens yet....told Ken that I was just going to leave them there because it seems that as long as they are growing, the bugs will eat the collards and leave everything else alone. least this year, the gardens are doing well.....yay!!

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