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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Double excitement, double the fun, double the stress!!!

So....this was the last week before the next karate belt tests.....Neither got their invite on their first day of class....neither really expected that they knew enough to get invited this time around, even though R was ready 3 months ago (and the only reason she didn't test was because she decided that she had the right to yell at me and tell me what I needed to do)...she worked on the universals that she had trouble with and ended her class last night with the testing sheet.  YES!!!  My 9yo will be testing Monday night at 6pm for her "black belt candidate"...when she earns that, the next belt to work for his her junior black belt!!!  holy smokes, where has the time gone??!!???

Next up was T's class at 7pm....he had been told at the last class that he needed to actually spar instead of just stand there looking tired and disoriented....well, last night's class he was MUCH improved and only had trouble doing the wheelbarrow race in the warm up.  He worked on self defense, stick disarms, and a few other things, plus 2 katas.....during his stick work, he accidentally hit his partner at the corner of her eye - she said if it turned black she'd take a picture for him.  At the end of his class, stripes were given out....lots of students got black stripes, T got a red stripe.  He asked what the difference in colors meant and was told that he was invited to test for his next belt!!!  That means that on Wednesday, T will be testing at 6pm for his green belt in the adult class!!!!

Yes, I am one proud Mom...they both have worked SO hard and I can't wait to see how far they take this.....woohoo!!!

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