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Saturday, May 25, 2013


DD had a school friend spend the night last night....I never knew girls were really THAT giggly and silly!!!  

First, I brought them both to the house as soon as school was done (well, after a stop to get clean clothes for DDs friend), so they played in R's room until dinner time...LOTS of laughter, thumping, and pretty much a trashed room {sigh}....momma wasn't happy.  But, if the room is trashed tonight, it's all on R because I told them at 7pm last night that they had an hour to clean it all up before we were moving them to the tv room....both girls like the bridal gown shows, so that was what was decided on for the evening tv viewing.  Got them settled on the sofa bed (took quite a while because R kept acting up - hiding under the covers, rolling around, invading her friend's personal space to the point of almost pushing her off the sofabed)....watched the shows, commented on what we liked and didn't like about the various dresses - both are deadly serious about NOT wearing a strapless dress for their weddings because they look "bad.....bad for a wedding, but not bad for a prom dress"

Tired because R couldn't get to sleep on the sofa bed, moved to recliner, couldn't get to sleep there so moved back to her bed....nope, she asked to have a friend over and she was NOT abandoning her, so back downstairs, moved recliner a bit more so it could open all the way, turned off hall light and turned on bathroom light, and that was the end of it......until DSs alarm clock went off at 630 this morning...yup, he got so wrapped up watching Sci-Fi with Dad that he totally forgot to turn the alarm clock off before settling down for the's gonna be a LOOOOOONG day.

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