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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Not happy

So, I did sauce yesterday and thought everything was good to go.  Only one jar hadn't popped it's lid...or so I thought.  Once they had all cooled down, hubby helped me move them to my storage cabinet - as I was bending over to put them on the shelf, 2 jars "unpopped"...craptastic.  Well, what one more thing after scorching the sauce and finding out as I was ladling it into the jars that somehow the pot had become fused to the burner(!)???  Yup, little bits of the enamel coating are stuck on one of my burners, so I either have to figure out how to scrape it off or go back and buy a new burner {sigh}

On the plus side, I found my original recipe and will be making MORE sauce to stash away using that....and hoping that none of yesterday's sauce has too much of a burned taste (though once I noticed there was some scorching, I made a point NOT to scrape the bottom of the pot and I turned the heat down as well).

Have to decide what I want to do next - would love to switch back to the dehydrator for a bit and get some more jerky made and stashed away, but the other 3 eat it as soon as it comes out and cools down....wonder if I could use a friends' house for running the dehydrator in, then bring it home and vacuum seal it and stash it away (that way they wouldn't be smelling the jerky all day long)...hmmm....

Thinking that I'll do both dehydrated apples since my daughter and I love them, then while the dehydrator is working, I can make the apple pie in a jar...only planning on a couple of pints - maybe this is what I'll use my vintage reproduction Ball jars know, the pretty blue jars.....

Have to re-read my various cookbooks and preserving books to see what I can make that I know the family will eat....and they all have to be things done in a hot water least for now...still not too comfortable with a pressure to take the boy to his karate class, then a stop by the library, then back home so he can start on his summer class for a couple of hours, then get the girl, hubby home an hour early, screwed up supper (was supposed to be Mulligan stew, but only had one container in the freezer, so half the family can have that and the other can have ham-bean soup)....what a day...should have known it would be wonky as soon as I had to take apart the kitchen sink pipes to clean them out....argh

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