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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Midas touch = gold, my touch seems to = total chaos and crap

So...I've spent the majority of the day trying to do nothing that would end up with craptastic results.  Got the Girl Scouts in a tizzy because, since I'm doing the cake for the awards ceremony, I gave them a deadline to get a headcount to me....guess what....ceremony is on Friday and email JUST went out yesterday....I can see this might not be good {sigh}. I  have decoration designs and most of the colors I need for tinting frosting, so that's all good, but what size cake??!!???

In addition to all that (by all that I mean the frustration from last minute notification, no head count, etc.) one of the leaders decided to resign because of comments made on my post venting my frustration about not knowing when and how many people.....yeah, people she didn't even know were stating their opinions and such and she decided to use them to quit the troop....then again, I saw her maybe 2 times the entire time Rebekah and I were there (and we joined late in the year, so I don't know how many meeting she actually showed up to overall).  Oh, and then I tried to get some information from our bank...but they had to talk to Ken because the information I wanted was in his name only, and...well, it went rapidly downhill from there.

SO.....because of the fear of screwing even more things up, I have pretty much done nothing all day....other than pick up dog and cat food and price the additional colors I might need to do the decorations for the cake....once I know how big the cake is going to be.....may have to re-size the decorations, but we shall see....blah

SO....Friday I finished and listed one of my quilts....and yesterday I got borders added to a quilt top that I've been staring at for several's the quilt that was finished and listed on Etsy:


Pattern is Summer in the Park and was perfect for yet another Jelly Roll that I had in my stash.  Now I need to finish one that is just shy of being a twin-size bed topper and 2 baby quilts, and I can finish up the 4th, which was actually made to go to Soldiers' needs borders as well, so it will take some thinking since the entire quilt is red-white-blue.....thinking solid borders....just have to figure out what color/s I want to use...obviously red white or blue, but.....

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  1. Larisa - The quilt looks great! I love the fall colors! It's hard when people forget to call in or RSVP. How can you plan?