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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Question for SAHMs/WAHMs

So, I haven't posted in a little while and that's mainly due to health issues in the family.  While everything has been taken care of, there's the anticipation of the bills for everything, and no change in our source of income.  Which leads me to this post/question. 

For those of you that are Stay at Home Moms or Work at Home Moms, what do YOU do to have additional income?  I tried craft shows, and the stress of getting things done and quite possibly not even making enough to cover the space rental pretty much did me in, so I stopped this past year.  Yes, I know about Avon, 31, Posh, Advocare, but those are the types of things that don't fit well with my personality....I always feel like I'm pressuring people, plus there's the initial investment of funds, which I just don't have.  I've looked at baking, but now I have one friend who has started doing cakepops and decorated cakes, and another who is taking custom orders for cupcakes and muffins, and even if they hadn't, husband made some very good arguments as to why he is uncomfortable with me doing anything food related unless it's a company..LLC....and there is a lawyer ready to handle any lawsuits from people who have allergic reactions....I really was jazzed about mini pies and such like that, but again, he made good arguments and I'm not going to fight over this.  SO.....really that pretty much leaves.......what???

What sort of things are feasible to bring in a little more income??  Yes, I sew, and I have an Etsy shop, but I don't know what I could possibly list that would sell since I've had the store for a while and sales have been up and down.  Right now, there's not a huge amount of things listed, but I'm trying to get new items made, a new light box made, and new pictures taken to better show off the items.

Other than that, I'm open to suggestions.......


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