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Saturday, May 12, 2012

sunshine and gardens

FINALLY, we have sunshine!!  We've had a week of off and on rain and no sunshine whatsoever.....this weekend, it seems that the sun decided to come back for a visit.  So, today we managed to get more work done in the bonus room until it was time to take a break (before our backs went out completely).  Then, this afternoon, we put in our new garden plants....we tried to do the seed starters this year, but that was a no-go, so off to Milmont......this year, we have a Cherokee purple tomato plant that we got from the Staunton farmer's market, and from Milmont, we purchased Homestead tomatoes (beefsteak), grape tomatoes, yellow sweet peppers, orange sweet peppers, container cucumber plants, sugar baby watermelons, and seeds for buttercrunch lettuce, romaine lettuce, and collard greens...not to mention "popcorn" that my son picked out.

Not sure how much will take root, but we'll give it our best shot....have caged the Cherokee plant since it's fairly large already and have put the small fencing around the planter where the watermelons and the solitary grape tomato plant is.  We always put one tomato plant in the planter so that the dog has access to keeps him out of the other garden areas and he eats off his own plant when he so chooses.....

Will get pictures when I have the chance.....

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  1. We keep getting last minute frosts so I don't have anything on my balcony yet. I do have some really scary tomatoes growing in my kitchen, though!!!