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Monday, December 27, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

We all make them, some of us keep what are some of YOUR resolutions for 2011??

In a couple of groups that I belong to, this question was raised, and since I responded there, I thought I'd post them here....feel free to add your own.....:

  • 1-get back to daily workouts

    2-learn more frugal recipes and cook double batches of meals so that we have them ready for nights when things are really crazy

    3-work through the stashed fabric and actually finish outfits for myself and the children (DS just wants more cargo pants, but DD and I have enough outfits for whole new wardrobes....but all still in the flat-fold fabric

    4-learn how to do more than make pickles

and from another group (still my responses):
  • 1- to do better at planning so that we don't get caught between paychecks with little money in the bank

    2-to spend less on spur-of-the-moment purchases

    3-to go to the store without the children when I can

    4-to make the clothes that I bought supplies for (mostly me and DD) instead of purchasing cheaply made things from mass-market stores

    5-to learn how to make pet treats because store-bought ones are WAY too expensive

    6-to learn how to can more things (though apparently the pickles are a HUGE hit) and how to do other preserving

    7-to make double batches of certain meals so that we have them ready for those nights when things are just too crazy

    8-to NOT have fast food in the house more than once a month

I probably should add in...become a better manager of my time. SO much of my time seems to be spent on things that, in the long run, are trivial....and not enough time is spent with my family or getting the things done that I need to do (to further save money)......ah, well....would be nice if we had just a 28 hour day every now and then, but.....

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